life by design

Building your life by design is a journey. What is a life by design?


What is a Life by Design you ask? Great question. Let’s get right to it.

Life by Design is…

  • A choice we make, everyday, to live intentionally by sifting through all the b.s. of who we think we’re supposed to be & start honoring our true selves.
  • Authenticity, which, is not a trait we are born with, but a decision…errryday.
  • Getting clear on what we want out of our lives.
  • Being 110% honest with ourselves.
  • Giving ourselves permission to understand what’s holding us back.
  • Being courageous, or shall I say, plucky enough to let our true selves be seen.
  • Being vulnerable, and understanding that vulnerability is not weakness, it’s  pure badassery.
  • Taking the time to nurture ourselves – HEART*SOUL*BODY.
  • Cultivating healthy relationships. (put down that phone and connect…in person!)
  • Believing that YOU are ENOUGH. YOU are WORTHY.
  • Taking the first step. Taking ACTION.
  • Finding clarity on what you DON’T want.